Field Services & Product Support

Field Services & Product Support


Worldwide Support 

We offer 24/7/365 support on projects around the world.

Choosing Freudenberg Flow Technologies as your specialty piping connector partner offers you peace of mind knowing you have an experienced supplier providing field proven engineered solutions, technical and field support when you need it.

Our products and services can save you time and money by reducing downtime throughout the life of your project.

Our technologies are used in demanding applications including: offshore platforms, FPSOs, refineries, riser & swivel applications, flowlines & subsea installations, chemical processing & petrochemical refining.

Our Services Include:

  • In-field Troubleshooting
  • Product Training Introduction, Handling & Protection, Assembly / Disassembly, Bolting and Damage Assessment
  • On-site Refurbishment
  • Dimensional Inspection at Customer Locations or at FFLTECH facilities Leak Investigation and Solution: Assessment of Leaks & Recommended Solutions
  • Damage Assessment & Repair Management
  • Joint Integrity Supervision: Supervising during Fabrication, Construction and Commissioning with respect to reducing start up leak issues due to mis-installation.
  • Rapid Prototype Development and Testing Capabilities to solve in-field challenges and/or support next-generation tool development.

Industry-Leading Sealing Technology and Solutions

Freudenberg Flow Technologies' engineered solutions combined with our technical expertise, industry knowledge and problem-solving capabilities have earned industry-wide recognition as a premium global sealing technology and solutions provider.

Our in-house capabilities include: design and applications engineering support, field service, raw material stock, global manufacturing facilities, coating, NDT and metrology equipment, pressure and hydro testing, bending and torsion testing facilities.

In combination with an efficient supply chain, we deliver both flexible and fast-track deliveries for executing both small and large projects. Our products cover pressure classes up to 20k psi and have a proven track record within High Pressure / High Temperature and harsh environment applications where fatigue, high bending and stress loads are of primary importance.