Sustainability at Freudenberg Flow Technologies

Sustainability and long-term vision are integral parts of our corporate strategy and social responsibility. Taking action is part of our corporate culture. In doing so, we follow two approaches: First, we continuously minimize our own footprint by using energy and materials efficiently. Second, we maximize our handprint by providing sustainable products and services to our customers. Efficient innovations from Freudenberg Flow Technologies are already significantly reducing the consumption of natural resources and emissions of climate gases in countless customer applications. In short, we are improving both our own environmental footprint and help our customers in becoming greener.


Less is more

Footprint refers to the amount of resources we consume to produce our products and provide our services. The goal is to significantly reduce our use of energy and materials, and to continuously reduce waste, scrap and emissions. That is why we participate in the Freudenberg Group’s “Sustainability Drives Climate Action” project. This includes specific targets on how significantly and quickly we will reduce our CO2 emissions. With energy efficiency projects around the globe, internal CO2 pricing and the purchase of green electricity, we are living up to our commitment.


The more the better

With innovative sealing solutions from Freudenberg Flow Technologies, our customers are able to work more efficiently and reliably and reduce their own resource consumption and climate gas emissions. The larger this handprint, the greater the benefit for the environment and our customers. We offer sealing products and digital solutions that increase efficiency and extend service life, running time and maintenance intervals. We help entire industries in working more sustainably and becoming greener