FlexUnion Dynamic Joint

Our FlexUnion dynamic joint is a quick-connect solution providing high-pressure piping systems with the required flexibility to compensate for thermal growth, vibration, or motion of equipment. With ±7.5° misalignment & 360° rotation, the FlexUnion is a robust alternative to hammer unions, swivels & flex hoses.


Product Description

High quality and cost effective, with enhanced mechanical and sealing properties, the FlexUnion provides reliable service in the most severe oil and gas applications. With a self-energizing seal, system pressures are contained while also significantly reducing seal friction during make-up and assembly.

The FlexUnion has passed the initial testing phase at 15,000 psi per API-6A requirements.

  • Rated up to 15,000 psi
  • Compensates for misalignment in piping systems
  • 360° of rotational freedom and 15° total flex capability
  • Patent pending low-torque, self-energizing seal
  • Low-torque, self-energized seal that eliminates the need to tighten compression screws or studs prior to operation. The seal is replaceable and shielded from erosive flow at any angle
  • Quick-connect alternative to hammer unions, swivels & flex hoses
  • Engineered to eliminate thermal expansion stresses and bending loads in piping systems
Recommended applications:
  • Provides misalignment solutions to pipeline applications
  • Used in place of, or in conjunction with, standard 1502 hammer union & Chiksan swivel joints
  • Disassembled & re-assembled in exactly the same way as hammer unions
  • Custom solutions available to meet unique packaging & modular construction demands

Flexible, with up to 15° total flex capability & 360° rotational freedom.