BlueSky Flexball

The FlexBall flexible connector is an effective solution providing piping systems with the required flexibility to compensate for thermal growth, vibration, or motion of equipment in the piping system. The FlexBall has the unique ability to provide up to 30° total flex capability and 360° rotational freedom in a bi-directional flow design. It is designed for use in oil extraction systems using thermal processes such as SAGD, cyclic steam, THAI, and SAP.

High quality and cost effective, with enhanced mechanical and sealing properties, BlueSky's flexible piping connectors provide reliable service in the most severe applications.

Product Description

The BlueSky Flexball is a high-integrity flexible connector designed for piping systems. It features a compact, robust, and lightweight design machined from solid forging. The connector offers highly reliable, field-adjustable compression-type seals, along with 360° rotational freedom and an impressive 30° total flex capability. Additionally, it has a chrome-plated ball for superior wear resistance and smoother performance, as well as a hard-faced bearing surface that reduces friction and wear. Independent packing compression allows for optimal results, and the joints can be used in combination.

  • Compact, robust, lightweight design machined from solid forging
  • Highly reliable, field adjustable compression type seal
  • 360° of rotational freedom and 30° total flex capability
  • Chrome plated ball for superior wear and smoother performance
  • Hard faced bearing surface reduces friction and wear
  • Independent packing compression
  • Joints can be used in combination for optimal results
  • Field adjustable packing for lower maintenance costs
  • Absorbs thermal growth and mechanical movement
  • Compensates for misalignment in piping systems
  • Alternative to large pipe loops
  • Engineered to eliminate thermal expansion stresses and bending loads in piping systems
  • SAGD, cyclic steam
  • Low torque
  • Inline maintenance
  • Significantly lowers maintenance requirements
  • Mitigates leakage failure issues
  • Meets ASME CL600 operating requirements

Flexible Ball Joint Providing Up To 30° Total Flex Capability and 360° Rotational Freedom

Technical Specifications


  • Available in 1” through 24”, up to ASME 2500# pressure class and temperatures up to 1000ºF, in a wide range of materials


  • Factory engineered, manufactured, and tested within an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
  • FO&GT's significant experience and background ensures our customers get the best and most reliable equipment for their applications
  • Shipped from factory fully assembled