We offer you different sensor solutions to record the physical data of your mechanical seal. These are sent wirelessly and stored in the myEagleBurgmann-Cloud. You can easily retrieve your sensor data via the EB Smart Product application.

The CobaDGS mechanical seal is the world's first turbo compressor seal that reduces harmful fugitive process gas emissions to zero. A CobaDGS retrofit not only preserves the environment, it also makes economic sense.

Modern natural gas centrifugal pipeline compressors are equipped with gas-lubricated tandem seals, supplied with conditioned process gas as the sealing media. Leakage occurs for technical reasons, releasing methane into the environment directly or producing CO2 emissions when it is flared. The new CobaDGS mechanical seal is continuously supplied with dry, clean nitrogen instead of process gas.

Our conventional Flexgen design is typically used where hot & dry flue gas needs to be treated. A typical power generation application with a 3m diameter Flexgen and constant flue gas flow will emit approximately 4 tonnes of flue gas per year. This is approximately equivalent to the annual emissions of a medium sized car. Flue gas is emitted mainly at the bolted joints and the metal frame.

With the new eFlexgen, we have developed a unique expansion joint solution that contributes directly to the net-zero goal.

The robust RoTechBooster design leads to unparalleled performance and reliability. It gives operators an unequivocal advantage not only compared to conventional piston boosters, but also to other rotating systems available in the market.